About CandySox

Our Team


CandySox is a shop founded by two sisters: Zuza and Natalia. 

They are just ordinary girls who one day decided to make the whole world smile just by wearing cute, sweet socks.

Our story

Everything started in 2016.

One day during her trip around South Korea Zuza was walking down a rainy streeet in Seoul, and decided to hide away from rain in a random shop, just for a little while. And then... she fell in love at first sight.. with socks! :-) Sweet pandas, llamas, cats and other socky animals had enchanted her so deeply that she just couldn't stop herself and bought several dozens of pairs at once. They were so soft and cute!

When Zuza got back to Poland she shared multiple pairs with her sister and friends. It quickly turned out that the cute socks are really addictive! They can cheer up anybody even on the worst and cloudiest day! None of the girls wanted to ever again wear regular, black or white socks.  

Zuza i Natalia decided to share this experience with others: and this is how CandySox was created. The girls want to build a community of positive people who wish to brighten the days of their own and others with just small details.

Let's colour up our reality, make all the feet in the world smile and flood the world with cute socks!


CandySox are just amazing! Fluffy, durable and super cute! Even after many times in laundry they keep their shape and quality. And finally I am proud to take off my shoes while visiting someone!
Aleksandra from Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki

Fantastic, soft, perfect for colder evenings at home or for sneakers! 
Claudia from Katowice

About the socks

The quality

Our socks are made of best cotton mixed with materials such as polyester and spandex, which make them:

  • durable: the founders of the shop have been wearing their CandySox for over 3 years by now, and they still look great!
  • strechy: our socks are suitable for all foot sizes! It's no magic, but just their extrardinary quality, which you won't find in any other products.
We strongly recommend for you to test by yourself that your socks can accompany you for long years and not loose any of good looks nor quality! 


CandySox are produced in South Korea. This country is often unfairly associated with the culture or quality of products similar to Chinese one - and actually, you could not be more wrong! Sout Korea is one of the world's most developed countries, economic and business centre of Asia. Its power and position was build on the extraordinary quality of all offered goods and services. Don't be worried then: CandySox products are just imcomperable in terms of quality or durability to any socks available in supermarkets or popular chain stores (yes, these products are usually of Chinese origin!) 

And by the way- we strongly encourage you to learn more about fascinating South Korea! :-)


At CandySox it is our mission and top priority to give every single person a chance to wear a small piece of art one their feet which can bring a smile at any time. There are already several companies which offer colorful socks - but they are in most cases quite costly and very hispter, which makes them rather unsuitable for daily wearing. CandySox offers you design that can match pretty much any outfit, and for a reasonable price! 

Our socks are made mostly for Girls and Women - but in many cases also Men and Boys fall for our design - and that's fantastic! We are happy to inform you that thanks to the fact that CandySox are very stretchy they also suit male feet very well. You can be sure that they will make a great, colorful accent for men outfit!

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